7 October 2012

Monster in the mist? What do you think?

This subject might split opinions, I'd love to hear what you think...

Today was a foggy, autumnal, Sunday morning. At about 8 o'clock, Mum and Dad walked me round to pick up the papers and then we headed home via the back field to stretch our legs. I'm wearing a boot to protect the cut on my back paw, so when was let off my lead they decided not to encourage me to run around.

Anyway, about halfway round the first field, looming out of the mist comes a jogger... "Ooh look he's running" I think as he passes... "Why don't I chase him!?"

Well Mum and Dad called, but even with a boot on one foot I quickly caught him up and jumped about to show him how pleased I was to see him... He kept on running... I followed until he stopped and started waving his hands in the air... Was I trying to catch his hands or simply give him a kiss? I can't remember, but I did jump up a few times until eventually I heard Dad calling and shaking a bag of treats, so I ran back to have a snack. The jogger continued on his way.

Back on my lead I went, to save my poorly foot from any more stress and we set off again. As we rounded the second field and approached home who should appear again but my new friend the jogger! This time, on my lead, we took a wide berth as we passed...

"NOT IMPRESSED!" said the jogger stopping in his tracks.

"He could have caught you a lot quicker if he wasn't wearing that boot" quipped my Dad.

The jogger really wasn't impressed now and began to berate Mum and Dad about "that dog's behaviour..."
Mum could see his point and was quick to apologise, I could sense Dad wasn't so keen to capitulate, after all it is a field, if I can't run here where can I run?

"I know he was only playing, but what if he'd caught me with a claw? He would have been in a lot of trouble then!"

So according to the jogger I shouldn't be allowed off my lead unless I can do as I'm told.

Well, we did do a fair few obedience classes when I was a puppy, but I like running, they tell me it's in my genes, so I tend to ignore Mum and Dad unless it suits me...

So the question is: should I go back to classes? Will it help?

Did any of you carry on classes into your teens?

Should I stay on my lead around the field? I must admit I'm difficult to catch when I get an idea in my head...

Or is the jogger just a being a grumpy old bug... man!?

x Bertie


  1. I think the main thing is, had he accidently caught the jogger, or knocked him over, the jogger could have complained to the police. It's possible with someone over zealous that god forbid he could be taken away and .......:(

    Think he needs more training, but some dogs just get brain fog when they are off the lead and can't be trusted to stop or return to you. Then I think you need to way up the 'what ifs'.

    The other tghing to consider is he could have been dognapped. It's happened here, when someone has run off with a dog that was off the lead. Even heard of a person trying to get the lead unhooked on an other dog that was being walked.

  2. Joggers can be way too serious for their own good, Bertie. I was involved in a serious accident once and a man was unconscious on the pavement when a group of joggers came by and complained because HE WAS IN THEIR WAY - BOL! I find that people around where I live seem to be too cross and uptight all the time. Maybe he was scared of dogs and turned into grumpyness. Don't worry. Us doggy parents often get told off by people and made to wonder if we are 'dong the right thing'. Love from Lily. xxx