11 October 2012

Is it the collie in me?

Is it the collie in me or do you all do this?
I find myself doing it more and more as I get older, someone throws a ball, I find it, but rather than grab it and run off, I crouch down with my nose pointing at the ball, waiting for someone to come and pick it up.
I also do this when I see another dog approaching, even if I know them. Some dogs think I'm cowering but just wait 'till you get close - I'll leap up and chase you!


  1. Sure you haven't got some Pointer in you:)

  2. I do the getting lower and lower when I approach other dogs, even if I know them, and yes the owners (and the dogs sometimes) think I'm going to GET them! ..such fun. mum says it's the collie in me.

  3. I also prefer to round up a ball - that is at some point in our walk, about a third of the way, I suddenly switch from chasing a ball and prefer it be thrown back the way we have come so I can run back and round it up like a stray sheep! xB