12 December 2013

Halfway up the stairs...

Halfway up the stairs is the stair where I do sit.

I sleep on this landing when my Mum and Dad go to bed.

Note rickety old oak beams, this house is full of them!

Sunday in Southwold

Amazing crisp sunny December Sunday running on the beach in Southwold ~ this is why we moved to Suffolk!

Unfortunately we did have the terrible storm last week so some of the beach huts look a bit worse for wear...

I've moved to Suffolk!

After 28 years living in Tring in Hertfordshire, on 26 November 2013 Mum and Dad finally fulfilled their long held dream of moving nearer to the coast by moving to the small village of Brampton, near Beccles in Suffolk.

That means we can drive to Southwold in just 15 minutes!

Our house is the farthest one of the three into which this 17 century Suffolk long house has been divided.

It's so quiet here, no traffic, just the occasional squark of a frightened pheasant...