3 March 2013

Poor Redpoll...

There was a thump on the kitchen door this afternoon, we all looked out to find this poor dead Redpoll.

They have been visiting the niger seed feeder since the last snowfall, pushing off the Goldfinches that usually hog the feeder.

This one was obviously panicked by something and flew the wrong way.

Don't worry, Dad says that's not blood but the beautiful red feathers they have on their heads.

R.I.P Redpoll



  1. Poor little bird - how beautiful it is. xxx

  2. What a beautiful bird, I've never seen a redpole, perhaps they aren't here in the UK. We had a few birds fly into our windows, I've always felt is a special privaledge to be so close to them and see them in such detail, but so sad xxx

    1. Just saw you're in Hertfordshire! I need to scrub up on my bird knowledge!! xx

    2. I think they are a fairly common field birds, they tend to flock with other small birds in the winter. This cold winter is the first time we've had them in the garden. We do back onto farmland. We've had a pair of reed buntings coming regularly too this year.