2 October 2012

The boy from the haystack

Here's Edan [see Life before Bertie] 6 years on welcoming me to the family in June 2011.


  1. You look as though you have landed in a wonderful home Bertie...(all the best to Edan and his Art in Leeds).

  2. So nice of you to drop into my blog.

    I look forward to coming onto your blog and checking out what you've been up to.

  3. Hello Bertie, we came over from Williams blog, he is our boyfriend. We used to live at Stoke Mandeville, how come we never met? We enjoyed your photos you obviously favour the natural look for your hair-do's as do we. We have added you to our lurcher blog roll
    love from Ellie and Roobarb xx

  4. Hello mate! Nice to meet you! Deccy x