1 October 2012

Life before Bertie

So there was life before me!

Mum and Dad had a retired greyhound called Phyzz. She was an ex-Walthamstow racer and here she is pictured in the back field with a very young looking Edan, it was taken in 2005, he's at Leeds College of Art now!

Here she is in December 2009 running in the snow - I love doing that too...

She died of a heart attack after her afternoon walk on the 7th June 2011, she was almost 12 years old, not bad for a racer.

Well my Mum and Dad were very upset and decided not to have another dog...

They chose me on the 15th of June!!

Apparently walking round the field without a dog was too upsetting... Oh what a shock I was!

1 comment:

  1. My mum and dad found me a shock too!..heehee. Hope you gave that rug a good chewing.