12 December 2013

Halfway up the stairs...

Halfway up the stairs is the stair where I do sit.

I sleep on this landing when my Mum and Dad go to bed.

Note rickety old oak beams, this house is full of them!

Sunday in Southwold

Amazing crisp sunny December Sunday running on the beach in Southwold ~ this is why we moved to Suffolk!

Unfortunately we did have the terrible storm last week so some of the beach huts look a bit worse for wear...

I've moved to Suffolk!

After 28 years living in Tring in Hertfordshire, on 26 November 2013 Mum and Dad finally fulfilled their long held dream of moving nearer to the coast by moving to the small village of Brampton, near Beccles in Suffolk.

That means we can drive to Southwold in just 15 minutes!

Our house is the farthest one of the three into which this 17 century Suffolk long house has been divided.

It's so quiet here, no traffic, just the occasional squark of a frightened pheasant...

16 July 2013

Summer at last!

The farmer has cut the grass in our field over the weekend so now we can run around again and 'hay' - they even added some climbing equipment for me to play on!

The grass has been soooo long, up to Mum's waist, it made it difficult to run around in the field, but now I can tear about with my mates and get all hot and flustered.

Isn't summer wonderful - why don't we have this every year?!

6 May 2013

Lurchers and Tumblers

Kath responded to my post on 4 May 2013 03:41
'I guess you know that lurchers used to known as "Tumblers" years ago.'
Well I didn't and neither did Dad, so I set him on finding out more...

Hi, Bert's Dad here. I was fascinated by your reference to Tumblers Kath, we use the term with Bert because of the way he tumbles into his quarry [his friends] in an attempt to knock them off their feet, little knowing that there was some truth to the description!
So I've done a bit of Googling and found this goldmine of information at http://www.lurchers.org.uk ~ a site "...dedicated to "THE LURCHER & TUMBLER WELFARE & BREED CLUB".
Here's are a few snippets from the history section of the site:
The Lurcher and Tumbler types of athletic hunting dog's function was to provide meat for the cooking pot, by using a combination of stealth, brain, nose agility and speed. They hunted by both scent and sight being more fundamental and ancient than the specialist pure Sighthounds. They have occurred throughout the whole world since time immemorial.
Originally, the same dog would be called a Greyhound or Lurcher depending upon whether owned by a Norman Lord or an outlaw. It is the modern Greyhound which has moved away from the original type by becoming a pure Sighthound sporting dog.
There are no accurate historical references to Lurchers or Tumblers, because their function was illegal and their outlaw masters illiterate...
The descriptions ( because that's what they are) Lurcher and Tumbler originally differentiated between two styles of taking their quarry employed by stealth poaching dogs, whose function was to fill the cooking pot. The penalty for detection was execution for man and dog. Sagacity, loyalty and trainability were indispensable and they resided, out of sight, inside the dwelling as part of the family.
So thanks for the lead Kath, it's great to find out a bit more about this ferocious beast we keep hidden away in the house!

A nocturnal visitor...

As I wandered out into the garden on Thursday evening for my bedtime wee stop, I noticed a movement on the path and quick as you like I went to investigate...
Mum said it was a hedgehog. Looked a bit dodgy to me!
It scrambled into the nearest flowerbed when it saw me coming, then sat very very still. 
I think it was probably waiting for Mum to fetch Dad with his camera...

Dandy coloured socks!

What a wonderful May Bank Holiday morning, warm and sunny
and who could tell that the field is full of dandelions!
What do you think to my new socks?

I shall probably keep these for a few days now - I think they suit me!

4 May 2013

Spring at last!

Lovely warm Wednesday afternoon, 2nd May, and Spring is here at last!
But who's that running across the field?

 It's my mate Hans!

Time for a tumble I think...

...up and over...

...phew...tumbling is warm work today... time to go home for drink!

14 April 2013

Twisted Ivy

Dad's been carving some crazy spoons out of a piece of twisted Ivy.
Not very practical but quite arty don't you think...
Luckily I don't need a spoon to eat my food!

5 April 2013

Ernie waits...

Poor old Ernie, he's such a worry-wart!
When Indigo goes out and leaves him he likes to keep a look-out
in case she's coming back soon.

Hey Erns... I like the way you're leaning on the back of the sofa there.

Me, I can't see what the fuss is about. Just settle down mate - chill!

Knitting Circle

Edan is back from college for Easter and our friend Ani came round today
to teach him how to knit!
He did quite well, but couldn't resist a cuddle...

20 March 2013

Birthday Boy!

I'm two today!
One year older and one year better behaved...
just as long as Dad holds that treat up there by the camera...

Hey I can't wait any longer... I'm gonna get that treat now!

Happy Birthday Bert  ~ but I just brushed you!  Dad x

3 March 2013

Poor Redpoll...

There was a thump on the kitchen door this afternoon, we all looked out to find this poor dead Redpoll.

They have been visiting the niger seed feeder since the last snowfall, pushing off the Goldfinches that usually hog the feeder.

This one was obviously panicked by something and flew the wrong way.

Don't worry, Dad says that's not blood but the beautiful red feathers they have on their heads.

R.I.P Redpoll


2 March 2013

Bookends 2

Here we are - 11.15pm Friday evening, just having a stretch.
Is it time to go to bed?

20 February 2013

Arghhhh - what's that!

It's Ernie on his back of course!

We're playing bookends on the sofa this afternoon.
It's a dog's life!

Time flies...

July 2011  ........................................  February 2013

It's the first time I've sat in the Lloyd Loom chair in ages.
Bit tighter fit than it used to be!


Dad's caught me relaxing on the sofa again.
I love laying on my back and often stick one leg straight up.
In this case to show off my muddy bandage!
Still got a niggle with the cut on my ankle so I have to wear some protection when I go for a run, someone should have taken it off by now... it's gone 11pm!

17 February 2013

Spoon carving...

Dad's been carving a spoon today out a piece of green apple wood [pruned from our tree]...

Once he has the rough shape axed from the log he carves the final shape with a sharp knife...

...before using a spooning knife to hollow out the bowl.

See all the arty things Mum & Dad get up to on www.anything-arty.com

9 February 2013

Sleepy Puppy

So after all that tearing about in Aldeburgh in 2011 I was tired out every evening!


Wow ~ this is me on the beach in Aldeburgh 2011, six months old and so much energy!
Those pebbles were great fun and once I got my grip I was off... again and again and again.

I'm sure Dad's been playing around with this...

In the driving seat...

Because I was so young on my first holiday in 2011, I was very much in the driving seat,
everything had to revolve around me and my needs...
But who could resist those eyes?
Dad took these photos in our VW campervan.

Skinny bean

Dad's been looking back to 2011 and my first holiday in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.
I was only 6 month's old and don't my legs look long!

4 February 2013

Life as a NuNu

I'm getting used to life as a furry NuNu* but I will happy when I can get the damn thing off at the end of the week - paws crossed!

*Dad says the NuNu was a vacuum cleaner in the TeleTubbies... ha-flippin-ha!

31 January 2013

Don't look happy do I?

Don't look happy do I?
That's 'cause I'm not!
Three stitches in a cut on my ankle and the vet says I shouldn't lick it - why ever not?
So it's boring wee walks for the next 10 days and this flippin' thing on me 'ead!

20 January 2013

Cuckoo in the nest!!

Ernie likes my bed 'cause it's near the Rayburn and it seems he's trying to get squatter's rights!