29 September 2012

To cage or not too cage...

Now we come to the contentious issue of whether I should be left in my cage when my Mum and Dad go out for while...
Because they both work from home I am with my parents all day long, unless they go out and leave me. So for safeties sake they used to put me in my cage, which I've had since I was a pup.
On this occasion, in April 2012 I got a bit bored and decided to have a bit of a fight with my [new] bed - guess who won?!
The good news is, they have just decided to trust me in the kitchen at night - without my cage. I was a bit worried at first, but the Rayburn is nice a warm to snuggle up against.
How grown up am I!
[Note from Dad - we'll see about that, can we trust you during the daytime too?]

My freind Hans...

Playing with my friend Hans April 2012.
Hans lives up the road from me so he walks in the field too. We have a great time chasing and wrestling whenever we meet up.

28 September 2012

27 September 2012


Snow! Let me at it!
This was me in February 2012

My parents...

Here are photos of my parents - Tuesday and John Dog.
You can see where I got my good looks from.
Apparently John Dog is one of Hancock's more prolific fathers. You can find out more about him here: http://www.hancocklurchers.co.uk/Gallery.aspx

Welcome to my blog...

Here I am resting after a hard day's dashing about and sleeping.
This is my secondary location of an evening... I start on the sofa,
but when I get too hot I usually end up on the floor to cool down.