20 February 2013

Arghhhh - what's that!

It's Ernie on his back of course!

We're playing bookends on the sofa this afternoon.
It's a dog's life!

Time flies...

July 2011  ........................................  February 2013

It's the first time I've sat in the Lloyd Loom chair in ages.
Bit tighter fit than it used to be!


Dad's caught me relaxing on the sofa again.
I love laying on my back and often stick one leg straight up.
In this case to show off my muddy bandage!
Still got a niggle with the cut on my ankle so I have to wear some protection when I go for a run, someone should have taken it off by now... it's gone 11pm!

17 February 2013

Spoon carving...

Dad's been carving a spoon today out a piece of green apple wood [pruned from our tree]...

Once he has the rough shape axed from the log he carves the final shape with a sharp knife...

...before using a spooning knife to hollow out the bowl.

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9 February 2013

Sleepy Puppy

So after all that tearing about in Aldeburgh in 2011 I was tired out every evening!


Wow ~ this is me on the beach in Aldeburgh 2011, six months old and so much energy!
Those pebbles were great fun and once I got my grip I was off... again and again and again.

I'm sure Dad's been playing around with this...

In the driving seat...

Because I was so young on my first holiday in 2011, I was very much in the driving seat,
everything had to revolve around me and my needs...
But who could resist those eyes?
Dad took these photos in our VW campervan.

Skinny bean

Dad's been looking back to 2011 and my first holiday in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.
I was only 6 month's old and don't my legs look long!

4 February 2013

Life as a NuNu

I'm getting used to life as a furry NuNu* but I will happy when I can get the damn thing off at the end of the week - paws crossed!

*Dad says the NuNu was a vacuum cleaner in the TeleTubbies... ha-flippin-ha!