16 October 2012

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam...

Here I am laying in the lounge on a sunny October afternoon, light streaming in through the coloured lights in the front door, surrounded by my collected trophies - Mum's crocks, my bed from the kitchen, my marrow bone and my reindeer horn, lovely...

But this light's a bit flippin' bright isn't it?

This is my "look how gorgeous I am" pose, complete with added sunshine.
I reckon Dad has been at the Lightroom filters again!
PS. I'm not really religious, it's just a dog's life for me.


  1. Nice to warm your bones in the sun.

  2. You're a ray of sunshine Bertie without the help!

  3. Hi Bertie - you look so comfy on your rug. I would like to curl up next to you - could I chew your marrow bone? Lily. xxx

  4. I am very friendly and you're welcome to cuddle up, but I might have a problem with you taking my bone! xB

  5. Great blog...looking forward to meeting you Bertie!