29 September 2012

To cage or not too cage...

Now we come to the contentious issue of whether I should be left in my cage when my Mum and Dad go out for while...
Because they both work from home I am with my parents all day long, unless they go out and leave me. So for safeties sake they used to put me in my cage, which I've had since I was a pup.
On this occasion, in April 2012 I got a bit bored and decided to have a bit of a fight with my [new] bed - guess who won?!
The good news is, they have just decided to trust me in the kitchen at night - without my cage. I was a bit worried at first, but the Rayburn is nice a warm to snuggle up against.
How grown up am I!
[Note from Dad - we'll see about that, can we trust you during the daytime too?]


  1. I would have done that too when I was little!

  2. Well I have been left for three hours this afternoon, just in the kitchen with my bed and the radio on [I prefer Radio 4] and I was just fine. I may have had a bit of a moan, but who's to know.
    [Another note from Dad - we were very impressed, we could have turned a corner here!]

  3. Hello Bertie - I used to have dog who was very similar to you. He ate the back seat of my car while I was in a shop for just a short while. He also ate all the stuff in my food cupboard and got his beard stuck together with a flour and spit mixture. He had to have a very strong cage in the back of the car for travelling after that. We all loved him very much despite his bits of mischief. Lily. xxx (ps I am not a dog, but I am a dog Mumu)