17 February 2013

Spoon carving...

Dad's been carving a spoon today out a piece of green apple wood [pruned from our tree]...

Once he has the rough shape axed from the log he carves the final shape with a sharp knife...

...before using a spooning knife to hollow out the bowl.

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  1. Very clever. If you use the spoon for eating, do you have to treat it with anything first?

    1. Yes, once the spoon has dried, about a week indoors, I shall soak it in walnut oil to protect it. Walnut oil is good because it oxidises and dries whereas many oils just go sticky and rancid. x Ed

  2. This is so clever, love it. Interesting to know about the walnut oil in your previous comment.

  3. Hi Bertie - your Daddy is very clever. He could make it into a love spoon for your Mummy. xxx