14 April 2013

Twisted Ivy

Dad's been carving some crazy spoons out of a piece of twisted Ivy.
Not very practical but quite arty don't you think...
Luckily I don't need a spoon to eat my food!

5 April 2013

Ernie waits...

Poor old Ernie, he's such a worry-wart!
When Indigo goes out and leaves him he likes to keep a look-out
in case she's coming back soon.

Hey Erns... I like the way you're leaning on the back of the sofa there.

Me, I can't see what the fuss is about. Just settle down mate - chill!

Knitting Circle

Edan is back from college for Easter and our friend Ani came round today
to teach him how to knit!
He did quite well, but couldn't resist a cuddle...