25 October 2012

A tiring day out...

I've been at my friendly dog-sitters today while Mum and Dad went up to London.
I raced around their garden and dug a hole in their flowerbed and then raced around a lot more, then went out for walk, and now..... I'm so, so, tired....

Keep the noise down ~ someone's trying to sleep here...


  1. You are a lucky lad to have a dog sitter, rather than being left home alone.

  2. Ooh I don't think I could be trusted on my own all day...

  3. Hello Bertie - you do look cute all cuddled up. Maybe you should pace yourself and then you could keep digging up those nasty flowers all day long. i am sure your sitter would like that! Lily. xxx

  4. Ooo Bertie, the floor looks lovely. Mums been sleeping on the floor with me to make sure I don't get up to miscief and make sure I'm not in pain. Missing you and the other doggies xxx Oscar