25 November 2012

Old friends...

Here's another photo from Dad's archive, taken in 2006.
Reg and Phyzz doing what cat's and dogs do, apparently - get on like old friends...
I still prefer to chase cats myself!

18 November 2012

I helped Mum tidy the garden this afternoon.
Everything was going fine until the new neighbourhood kitten paid us visit...
I barked!

Where's that pesky cat gone now?

Then I helped Mum clear some pots...
for some reason she wasn't happy about that!?

Frosty Sunday morning...

It was very cold this morning when we went on our walk to get the papers. WE always come back via the field so I can run off a bit of steam - especially if I've been wearing the infernal contraption [see previous post]. Mum & Dad encourage me to run from one to the other, for a treat of course...

...which I am only too pleased to do!

Then it's off home for a well deserved breakfast.

Infernal Contraption!

This is the new infernal contraption that Mum & Dad have bought for me... to make me walk without pulling... and I hate it! Every chance I get I try to rub it on legs, crutches, trees, leaves on the ground... I'm told I will get used to it and it certainly slows me down, but really - who wants to be slow when you're a lurcher?!

13 November 2012

She was spoilt!

Dad's found another photo in the archives - this is Phyzz on the sofa - appears not only did she get nice fleecy blankets but also a cuddly toy!

Mind you, give me a cuddly toy and it would soon become a not-so-cuddly collection of soggy cloth and fillings scattered across the floor...

10 November 2012

It was Mum's uncle John's birthday today and so we had a bit of a family gathering.
That meant I got to play with my mate Ernie (Bert & Ernie*)

Here we are on the sofa resting after a busy afternoon.

*Bert & Ernie were characters in Sesame Street - Ernie is a month older than me that's why I got my name. 

1 November 2012

That's better ~ yummy!

I am happy to report that Mum bought me some new food after this morning's debacle
[see "When will they get the message?" posted earlier today]  
I now have a yummy bowl of Salmon & Rice kibble and I like it much better thanks!

Biting my nails...

Lunchtime and Mum decided it was time I had my nails bitten by those horrible clippers...

I'm not sure I like it, especially when it gets to my front feet...

But I can turn this into a bit of fun ~ catch these if you can!

A Right Dickie

Dad you do look like a right Dickie in your new Dickies overalls!

He says they'll be great for working in the woods, they are quilted inside, but where do they get the measurements from? As a medium they fit fine at the top, but the crutch is halfway down his legs and the legs are so long...

When will they get the message?

Last week they bought me a bag of Turkey & Rice Kibble ~ and I don't like it!
I used to have Lamb & Rice, I do like that that, but they went a bought a big bag of this stuff instead!
At first I just took my time eating it.
Then I started leaving half. 
But they didn't seem to understand. I was still hungry so reluctantly I went back and ate it.

Well this morning, what did they give me again? Another bowl of this Turkey & Rice stuff!
I was hungry so I forced down half of it, then left the rest hoping they would finally twig...
But no, it still sat in my bowl...
...so I scraped at the paper with my paw ~ and tipped it on the floor!

Now I think they've got the message!
I'll report back later when I see what I get for dinner...