1 November 2012

When will they get the message?

Last week they bought me a bag of Turkey & Rice Kibble ~ and I don't like it!
I used to have Lamb & Rice, I do like that that, but they went a bought a big bag of this stuff instead!
At first I just took my time eating it.
Then I started leaving half. 
But they didn't seem to understand. I was still hungry so reluctantly I went back and ate it.

Well this morning, what did they give me again? Another bowl of this Turkey & Rice stuff!
I was hungry so I forced down half of it, then left the rest hoping they would finally twig...
But no, it still sat in my bowl...
...so I scraped at the paper with my paw ~ and tipped it on the floor!

Now I think they've got the message!
I'll report back later when I see what I get for dinner...


  1. Now Bertie once long, long ago before mobile phones and blogs dogs got scraps. The stuff the humans wouldn't eat so think yourself lucky. Mind you human scraps might be better than the kibble your not keen on LOL

    xxx Jace, Ebony and Oscar

  2. Bertie, Us humans can be a bit slow:)