1 November 2012

That's better ~ yummy!

I am happy to report that Mum bought me some new food after this morning's debacle
[see "When will they get the message?" posted earlier today]  
I now have a yummy bowl of Salmon & Rice kibble and I like it much better thanks!


  1. I hate having my nails clipped too... I completely sympathise with you Bertie, still I reckon your family made up for it with your very yummy sounding dinner!

  2. Glad you have your staff well trained:)

  3. I like your table, Bertie. Its all complete with a tablecloth too - how posh it is in your house. xxx

  4. Lily we thought the same. We've got plastic bowls that go on the floor... usually outside. Our mum finds three of us 'gulping' down food at the same time in a galley kitchen doesn't work well especially if the cats are around

    Jace, Ebony and Oscar xxx