13 November 2012

She was spoilt!

Dad's found another photo in the archives - this is Phyzz on the sofa - appears not only did she get nice fleecy blankets but also a cuddly toy!

Mind you, give me a cuddly toy and it would soon become a not-so-cuddly collection of soggy cloth and fillings scattered across the floor...


  1. Phyzz looks so comfy. My Monty Dog used to destroy all his toys too, just like you. Also he would never sleep on a blanket with it all neat and tidy - it just had to be raked up into a ball first and usually spat on and drooled on a fait bit too! He never managed to destroy his Kong toy though. Maybe you Mummy will by you one of those. You can hide treats in it. xxx

  2. Oh Lily, I have a kong and I do love it when Mum stuffs it with Edam cheese. It takes me ages to lick that out!
    I've also got. Giant kong that Mum sometimes puts my dry food in. It is like a wobbly toy that I can knock about so the food spills out of a small hole. Makes me work for my breakfast! X B