10 November 2012

It was Mum's uncle John's birthday today and so we had a bit of a family gathering.
That meant I got to play with my mate Ernie (Bert & Ernie*)

Here we are on the sofa resting after a busy afternoon.

*Bert & Ernie were characters in Sesame Street - Ernie is a month older than me that's why I got my name. 


  1. Happy belated Birthday to Uncle. So nice to have family gatherings...we have those with various relatives, such fun. You and Ernie look good pals and so sweet on the sofa. Hugs...William the lurcher's mum...ann :)

  2. We like Ernie as well. We meet him o the canal. We expect you needed an extra run round to work off all the cake

    x Jace, Ebony and metal micky aka Oscar