12 December 2013

I've moved to Suffolk!

After 28 years living in Tring in Hertfordshire, on 26 November 2013 Mum and Dad finally fulfilled their long held dream of moving nearer to the coast by moving to the small village of Brampton, near Beccles in Suffolk.

That means we can drive to Southwold in just 15 minutes!

Our house is the farthest one of the three into which this 17 century Suffolk long house has been divided.

It's so quiet here, no traffic, just the occasional squark of a frightened pheasant...


  1. how lovely to have fulfilled your ambition at last. I see you are already enjoying the beach Bertie. We walk at Brean, which is just as windy. Have you trained your Mum to leave your towels warming on the radiator for when you get home :-)

  2. So pleased that you have fulfilled your dream of moving near the coast. Looks such a lovely place.