4 February 2013

Life as a NuNu

I'm getting used to life as a furry NuNu* but I will happy when I can get the damn thing off at the end of the week - paws crossed!

*Dad says the NuNu was a vacuum cleaner in the TeleTubbies... ha-flippin-ha!


  1. Your lampshade suits you though! Hope you are getting better.

  2. Bertie, Maybe mum could decorate it, so it becomes more of a fashion accessory:)

  3. We just bumped into Ernie and got the news. You and your paws Bertie!!!! Hope it heals quickly. Oscar will be truly flying on 22nd Feb and able to join the gang. Hopefully you'll be up and running by then. We ae all missing our runs and chases with you

    Ebony, Oscar and Jace